April's "Finding the Funny" AND a huge giveaway!


Welcome to April's Finding the Funny! Before we start sharing our funny posts, we have a pretty awesome giveaway. I want to win it, but I can't. I will live vicariously through one of you.

My Parenting Victory And A (Huge!) Giveaway
You guys, I'm not even exaggerating, my children brought their lunch boxes home last week with whole entire sandwiches still inside them. NOT ONE BITE was taken from either sandwich. Not one bite. Oh, they'll tell me, "I did eat some!", but, folks, unless their bite sizes equals that of a newborn gnat, they've taken no bites. No bites that count, anyway. All of that love and effort and time I poured into spreading that peanut butter just right, perfecting the jelly-to-peanut butter ratio exactly and cutting the crusts off with the sharpest knife I can find in the house so that the maximum amount of sandwich gets sent with them to school WAS ALL IN VAIN. Add to that the time I spent in wetting a paper towel and sticking that into a Ziploc bag so that they can wipe their fingers off after they've delved into their peanut butter and jelly sandwich, too. That's also down the drain.

Down it.

Down the drain.

"Why don't you just send them with nothing else but the sandwich?" My husband asks. "Why don't you just send the sandwich and, if they're hungry enough, they'll eat it?"

It is a great idea, I know, but I don't want them to be hungry! Is there anything worse in life? The one thing that makes me feel better about knowing they mostly ate chips, the pickle and a fruit cup is that they at least ate YOGURT. Even before this giveaway came about, we always bought Chobani yogurt. I really, really like it. It tastes, I don't know, more substantial than the others. It's seems more satisfying. It is super creamy and super good. I am so grateful that they put the yogurt in tubes, too, because it is easy for kids to eat as a snack or at lunch and less messy.

So, at least they ate Chobani yogurt.

I might try to make them a Chobani yogurt sandwich tomorrow.

Maybe they'd eat that.

(This is my almost 5-year-old.)

Seriously, raising kids isn’t easy, but Chobani Champions is all about celebrating the little victories in parenting. Together with Chobani, we wanna make YOU a winner. Enter below to win 1 GRAND PRIZE* of a year’s supply of Chobani and Chobani Champions. Yep, a year’s supply of that delicious, nutritious, protein-packed parenting victory known as Chobani greek yogurt. Our grand prize winner will build a custom case for themselves to be delivered to their doorstep monthly, including 1 case of assorted Champions Flavors, 1 case of assorted Chobani Flavors and a bonus case of either Champions tubes, Chobani Bite or Chobani 32 oz cooking sizes. Every month for a YEAR!* 10 Runners-up will receive one case of Champions Tubes delivered to their doors!

Giveaway begins April 2 and ends at midnight April 8.

Chobani is gettin' social to find the good, the bad, the ugly… and a REAL taste of life with kids. Join in on the convo!

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