So, I'm Going Into Business With Elvis. In Vegas.

Just stay with me here.

I've opened up a new restaurant. In Vegas. Crazy, right? I know, I know. Insanity. You never even knew I was in the restaurant business, did you? I have another restaurant called "The Hip-Hop Food Stop" that you can read about here. THIS restaurant that I just opened is all about...


The inspiration for this restaurant I just opened comes from both my aunt, a huge Elvis fan, and my 8-year-old son. He saw Elvis on a Chuck E. Cheese game last year and has loved learning about him and listening to his music ever since. We got him an Elvis book and Elvis CD for his birthday.  He wants to go to Graceland tomorrow.

So, this restaurant and the menu is all about him, really. Well, him and Elvis. So before you yell out, "OH, COME ON, KELLEY! A MENU! YOU REALLY WROTE A COCKAMAMIE MENU ON YOUR COCKAMAMIE BLOG?? YOU EXPECT ME TO READ THIS?? I WISH I COULD PUT YOU IN A HEADLOCK!", remember I did it for my son and my aunt. Mostly. (I sort of love opening up restaurants, though. I have to admit.)

The name of the restaurant?


The sign for the restaurant is very obvious once you are in Vegas. Perhaps you have seen it before?

I'm doubting you have ever eaten at it before and that is such a shame. I am in there wiping down tables all the livelong day just hoping you'll walk your happy self in for a bite or two. But, you never do. I thought maybe showing you the menu would help drum up some business. Maybe you would be more inclined to visit if you knew all the waiters and waitresses were dressed like Elvis? And that they sing "Welcome to Fajita Las Vegas! Fajita Las Vegas! Fajita! Fajitaaaaaaaaaaaa Las VEGaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!" every time a new person walks through the door?

From L-R: Elvis's guitar guy, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis (top row); Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis (bottom row). This is us just a few minutes before Sunday brunch last week. Well, minus Frank, our host. He was out with kidney stones. I'm the one in the back with the black jacket and red shirt, by the way. Source

Take a look at the menu and promise me you'll stop in the next time you are in Vegas. If you want to order any of these "to go" or to be delivered via mail, let me know. I'll get Elvis up there to get all of that arranged for you. No problem.(The one in the solid red jumpsuit. He's really reliable, that guy.)

*Pepsi Cola
*Mountain Valley Water
Blue Suede Booze (it's white wine with blue food coloring)
Can't Helping Falling In Love With These Nachos
Can't Help Falling In Love With This Guacamole
Can't Help Falling In Love With These Mozzarella Sticks
Don't Be Gruel
(That's all we've got. You might not want to come at breakfast time.)
Main Courses
*Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwiches
*Mashed potatoes, burned bacon, sauerkraut and pork chop combo
It's Cow or Never Cheeseburger
Heartbreak Hotel Stacked Sandwich (3 beef patties, 2 slabs of steak and a pound of bacon)
Chili & Cheese Hound Dogs
Love Me Chicken Tenders
Jailhouse Rock Lobster
Soupspicious Minds (vegetable & chicken noodle)
Burning Dove (It's really just fried chicken.)
King Creole Gumbo
All Shook Up Shakes (Peanut butter, Banana, Chocolate)
Teddy Bear Claws
A Big Hunk o' Lovely Chocolate Cake
In The Gelatto
Always On My Hind-End Quadruple Banana Split

*These were really Elvis's favorites.
If you don't like something that you've eaten for any reason at all, press the button in the middle of your table. It will play the song "Return To Sender" at a very high volume.
You'll stop by the next time you are in Vegas, right?

I'll make sure Elvis is ready.
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