The Human-Looking Monkey Naming Contest: The Winners (And it's also "Finding the Funny"time!)

On the Kelley's Break Room Facebook page on Monday, I posted a picture of this guy and asked you all what a good human first name would be for him:

Before I tell you which of you came up with my favorite name, can you give me a little space while I go all smarty pants on you?

As I understand it, this odd-lookin' fella was found in 2007 by scientists in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Very recently, he was officially declared his own, brand new species of monkey. His common name is a "lesula" and he is apparently of the genus "guenon", which is a monkey found exclusively in South Africa. Apparently, guenons are common but this dude (or lady??) with the blonde mane and black suit is very, very new. Well, new to us. For all we know, he's been hanging out unnoticed acting as Colonel Mustard in a game of Clue with his buddies while hidden behind some trees. They have to hide, you know, since the poor things get eaten by humans, leopards and chimpanzees.

They have nothing to fear in the Break Room, though. That is, not until that new leopard we hired to make coffee starts working here. As a matter of fact, I just put this sign on the Break Room door today: free online photo editor, fun photo effects

If, by chance, lesulas became really, really domesticated and actually hung out in the break room, they would need some human names. It would definitely not work to be calling out,


"Hey, did you see the new skirt Lesula #15 had on? Totally cute, right?"
and also...

"A hair bow or something in Lesula #33's hair would make her look more feminine, right? They, like, all look the same. Weird." 

No, they would need human names and there is no shortage of choices on the namefront, thanks to you guys. Those of you who gave the lesula up there a human name really gave us a good list to start from.

And I have lots of favorites.

But I said I would pick my favorite one and share it here.

And, as you might guess, I changed my mind.

I'm picking five. All 51 names were really, really funny and totally appropriate. But, these five below made me giggle the most.

Meet... free online photo editor, fun photo effects

 This guy was proudly named by Brice Sullivan. It made me laugh out loud because 1) it was so fancy, 2) I bet lesulas are pretty fancy monkeys, 3) Billiam, 4) Billiam and 5) Billiam again. Loved the combining of the nickname for William with William. HA!   Source for base picture
LG from The LG Report named this one "Mortie from Accounting". LG claimed on Facebook that he has seen Mortie a time or two around the Break Room. WELL, I HOPE THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE HIM, L.G., YOU'LL SAY HELLO! MORTIE IS MORTIE-FIED AT BEING IN A HUMAN WORLD AND WISHES SOMEONE WOULD AT LEAST SIT NEXT TO HIM AND SHARE THEIR PRINGLES! GOODNESS GRACIOUS, HUMANS CAN BE STUCK UP! Source free online photo editor, fun photo effects
 Ali from My Suitcase Full of Tricks named him Ronaldo. I don't know. Something about Ronaldo just sounded right. He looks Ronaldo-ish. He looks like a Ronaldo who likes to paint and play soccer in Spain. Also, tell him to look at the ball because he's about to trip. Wow. Source free online photo editor, fun photo effects
The name "Joyce" for this dear creature hit me and I cackled. This is not unusual when I read anything written by Point Counter Point Point Point. Perhaps you guys could tell me why Joyce is so melancholy? Maybe that is the 325,312,316th doilie she has made? Source free online photo editor, fun photo effects
When Melinda from Finding the Humor came up with this name and pointed out that this lesula looked a bit snooty, I was sold. She also said he looked like a philosopher. Sold again. This dude is serious. His facial expression would probably not change one bit while out to dinner with Jerry Seinfeld and Kristen Wiig. You might think that is because he doesn't understand English, but I think it's because he's just like Melinda said. Snooty. Source

Thanks to everyone who played my little "Name The Lesula" game! You had me cracking up the whole day. If I had some lesulas to mail all of you, I totally would. "LESULAS ON THE HOUSE!", I would yell while at the post office with all of my lesulas. I'd totally do that for every single last one of you.

What's up, Finding the Funny people?? So glad to see your faces! For those of you new around here, link up a new or older post of yours that will make us giggle. Your post will show up here and over at My Life and Kids' place. The top 5 most clicked posts will be shared next week. Same place. Same time.

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