I'm an Ambassador!

Homies, I HAVE to tell you something. I'm a Verizon Wireless Ambassador. What this basically means for you is that you wil hear me talking a little about the new incredible Incredible phone they sent to me. When Verizon asked me to be a part of the ambassador program, I jumped on the opportunity. I have an iPhone 3G now but it's running a little slow. It doesn't always work as quickly as I'd like it to work. Sometimes it just freezes. We weren't ready to purchase a brand new phone, so I have just been dealing with it. That's why when Verizon contacted me, I readily agreed to be sent a new phone. Why wouldn't I?

This is why I like the Verizon Incredible better than my iPhone 3G:
-it's way faster
-it has a flash when I take pictures
-it vibrates when I type, so it feels like I'm typing on a typewriter or something
-it is not encased in my disintegrating Otter Box that I have failed to replace yet
-my kids can't touch it because they might drop it and then I am responsible for replacing it, so it's MINE
-it allows you to e-mail multiple pictures at once
-I didn't have to pay for it

It also allows me to capture awesome pictures of our current living situation since we officially moved out of our house and into my sister's house this past Sunday.

My current shoe rack. (Please ignore those gold flip flops. I'm throwing them away today!) A day or so after we moved in with my sister, I couldn't find any shoes except the ones on my feet. We had to drive back to the storage facility. I climbed up and down boxes and finally found them. It was a tearful reunion. (This is the vignette mode on the camera feature of the Incredible.)

Living with my super healthy sister means getting introduced to products like "Lucky Duck" and "ghee" clarified butter. I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of Whole Foods when I'm in her kitchen. (Her husband has white bread and Cocoa Pebbles in the pantry, though.)

This is the laundry chute at my sister's house and it is my sons' favorite feature of the whole place. My kids are terribly deprived.

My sister and her husband don't have kids yet. I am trying extra hard to not get my sons to knock any holes in doors like they did THE DAY BEFORE WE CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE.


Don't even get me started on the process of repairing that door. Let's just say I have never talked to so many old men at Home Depot and Lowe's in my life. IN. MY. LIFE. I'd write a whole blog post about that experience, but you'd probably shoot your computer screen out of frustration over reading about my frustration. It would just be too frustrating.

I am trying not to make my sister and her husband swear off having kids because of mine. They've been pretty good so far. No holes anywhere. At least it's just the four of us in their four bedroom, 3 bathroom house. The lady making my sandwich at Subway says she has a two bedroom apartment she shares with her sister, their combined 7 kids and a large dog.
Can you imagine?

So, that's the deal. I am trying not to make my sister and her husband swear off having kids, prevent holes from being formed in her house and am a Verizon Wireless Ambassador.

And I'll be back on Monday.


Still need to find a house...