Finding the Funny #13: Would this make you laugh or cry?

Okay, beautiful people, I had to make sure we were all aware of my recent discovery this week, so I wrote this post. You all probably have known about it forever and practice it weekly. I just found out about it this week when I was working at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. I work there once weekly right now. It used to be my full-time job before I had my first son 7 1/2 years ago.  Anyway, one of the patients brought it up to me. He said that he and his wife participate in it every Wednesday morning. He suggested that I join them for a class, but, since I'm not there on that day, I told him I regrettably couldn't. He insisted that I make a drive in one day just to witness it.

What is it?


Now, I've never done yoga a single day in my entire life, so I'm not all about the yoga. My sister does yoga. She told a recent story about her yoga class. All of the yoga regulars were gathered in the studio in their cute yoga clothes when an older man sauntered in with his socks on his feet. One of the class goers told him that he would have to remove his socks because the teacher would insist on it when she arrived. He balked at that and said his feet were too "ashy", but removed his socks anyway. Being brand new to the yoga thing, he found a position in the back of the studio where a few minutes into the very, very, very, very quiet session, he let one rip really, really loudly, but just kept on stretching like nobody's business.


Ashy feet, a quiet room and a loud rip is what I had in mind when I thought of yoga before Mr. and Mrs. Patient mentioned laughter yoga, which was developed by Dr. Kataria in India. After his research surrounding whether or not laughter is the best medicine, he developed this technique which is now being practiced worldwide. There are even laughter clubs! The goal with his technique is that forced laughter turns into real laughter, which has magical healing powers, of course. He said our bodies don't know the difference between a forced laugh or a real laugh. (Stupid bodies.) We all know it feels good to laugh, right?

People, people, people...I know that you seldom click on videos when reading blog posts. I just know you don't, but that video above is worth checking out.  It makes me laugh out loud!!! It's insane! If I were to walk into a room full of these crazy people, I might think I've encountered a cult or something. Now that I know more about laughter yoga, I'm not sure what I would do. Probably stare for a long time, go get a Kit Kat, come back, decide a Big Red would also be nice, come back again and keep staring some more. And start laughing? Or crying? In a way, it's a bit scary, too. A little bit, right? A little?

Have you heard of this laughter yoga thang? If you could get a good friend to go with you, would you do it?  Would you go by yourself? Tell me, tell me!


Speaking of's the 13th week of "Finding the Funny"!!

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