Throw Me from the Train

Some wonder where I get the ideas for some of the topics I write about. Some wonder where I find the pictures. Well, it's an ancient Chinese secret (I was dropped on my head) & I ain't tellin'!

Did you see I am getting fancy now with a "subscription" icon to the right? I look at other blogs and become inspired. I also want you to drink my Kool-Aid.

Austin & Landon are still keeping me busy! I love it, though. I wish I showed them I loved it more! I sometimes feel that I get too irritated too easily with them during the day. I am often too impatient. I have been known to quickly stick them in these backyard contraptions pictured here when they are actin' the fool. (Remind me to make those arm holes smaller and to give Austin a little kick in the rear for smiling and laughing during his punishment.) Although it doesn't show in these pictures, I often feel my choices to be impatient, angry or harsh result in my boys being those same things in a more dramatic way. When I was little, the verse about not inciting your kids to anger always came to mind. It was my way of saying to my parents, "See! You're doing something wrong, too! You are making me angry!" Ephesians 6:4 says: "Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord." I need to remember these same words for myself or else Austin will be quoting that scripture to me (well, at least he'll be quotin' scripture. Can I get an Amen?).

I'm too lazy to think of a segue right now and want to bring up another topic.

I wish I were one of those girls who look beautiful without make-up on. Heck, let's get real. I wish the same thing when I DO have make-up on, but that's a topic for my therapist (that I don't have). Seriously, though, if I were to post a picture of what I look like right now, you'd knock over your computer screen or drop your cellphone/iPhone/iPad and begin screaming. It is 11:40 p.m. at night. I am in my pajamas and my face has been washed of all it's make-up. If you saw me this way, your arms would flail wildly above your head while you yelled, "Did you see that?!?!?" Chris did that the first time he saw me this way. He had to have roses delivered to me daily for the next month to repair my broken heart. Here's the deal: I want people to in no way recognize me when my hair is nappy and my face is funky (and, yes, I am referring to when I have not gotten ready for the day, Smarty Pants). I only want people to recognize me after I've had a shower, blow-dried my hair, put my make-up on and brushed my teeth. (FYI, that is not my usual order of getting ready. I typically blow-dry my hair, THEN get in the shower.) Anyway, people always seem to recognize me no matter what I look like. It's not frequent that I let people outside of my unfortunate immediate family members see me like I am right now, but sometimes these close encounters of the third kind cannot be avoided. Right now, I look a lot like that actress from the movie "Throw Momma from the Train" made in 1987. I looked like this earlier today, too, when my neighbor dropped by unexpectedly. When I answered the door, to my chagrin, she didn't flinch, hesitate or pause. She just asked me if I wanted to go on a train ride.