Captcha Balderdash #6 WRAP-UP is FUNNY STUFF

When we played this game last month, I asked you all to pick your favorite definition.  The top two favorites from last month came from Erin at Gonna Kill Him and Sue from The Desperate Housemommy, which is TOTALLY NOT a surprise!  I laugh each and every time I read their blogs!  If you do not follow these girls, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  They are both very creative and funny writers.  They are also both on Twitter at @gonnakillhim and @DHouseMommy.  If you like their definitions below, then you'll love their blogs! 

GOSSUFL by Sue from The Desperate Housemommy
Gossuffl- (goss-UFF-uhl)- A term which had its birthplace on the endearing TLC series, "John & Kate Plus Eight." In its original form, it was a noun used by viewers when watching scenes in which the family of ten attempted to mobilize and go somewhere as a group, usually with much commotion, crying, and bickering ("Well, would you look at that GOSSUFL up on the TV screen, Harold? That's just craziness!") However, the term morphed itself into a derogatory adjective used to describe Kate's subsequent performances on Dancing with the Stars ("Holy Moly, Patrice! That excuse for a tango was plain GOSSUFL!")

UTEL 6 by Erin from Gonna Kill Him
When a woman's uterus has seen more turnover than a Motel 6. Bed Bug infestation is likely.  Erin is really tired of being a Utel 6 so she'd better remember to swallow those stupid pink pills after the birth of this next one.
Here are the definitions/sentences from this week, which I absolutely LOVED!  I was laughing out loud over and over again.  So glad you all played!  Please vote on your top 1 or 2 favorites (not your own) and on Monday I will feature them in my post.

#1 MAZZOO from One Mixed Bag: This word is used by someone with a lazy tongue. For example an owner of a zoo might say, "Why don't youse guys come over and see mazzoo?"

#2 OADERR (n) - oh-AY-dare from The Desperate Housemommy: Expression of greeting most often heard in the northern United States and Canada. e.g. - "OADERR! How ya been? How 'bout dem, eh?"

#3 SUNDE by Matty Thoughts:  The dessert offering by a restaurant too cheap to print out the "a" on the menu.

#4 FUNGISCRATCH by The Blog O' Cheese: The infected wound a wife receives on her leg after her husband rolls over in bed in the middle of the night and scratches her with his nasty, overgrown toenails.

#5 UNGRO by Miss Melicious: When an individual reaches their late twenties or more rarely early thirties and has life's daily responsibilites wearing on them, they often wish they could "ungro" themselves to the age of 7-12, when their most difficult decision was which flavour of slurpee to buy with their parent's money.

#6 BULLSHIHTZ by Ellie: When you mix a Bull Dog with a Shih Tzu. What do you get when your Bullshihtz has puppies? A!

#7 MUMSTRAT by One Creative Housewife: The place in your home in which, as a mother, you keep all the nonsense that has nowhere else to go. For Mom's use only. aka a junk drawer dedicated to all the toys Mom must take away from her little devils. Or, where she hides the Christmas presents. A fabled place in which all the good stuff resides. Don't ever look for it, though. You may find something you wish you had never seen. "Joey, stay out of Mom's mumstrat. That's where she keeps her extra eyeballs!"

#8 REFRA by Mighty M: talk for lazy people. "Honey, can you get me a beer out of the refra?".

#9 KOLOT by Kimberly Leszczuk:  A large flat area of land where serbians gather to dance (see kolo)

#10 GRAME by Monkey Man: This is what Flo has to clean up in her kitty litter box. "Ah jus' cay-ant bah-leeve thah grame at thah bottom uh thee-is litter bohcks." See also - "Can the cat converstion" from September 27, 2010 for additional background.

#11 PROMEN by All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something: a man with an extraordinary sense of cleaning the house without being asked to do so. Ex. John and Greg were promen in the home. Their wives were always pleased.  Also see "Make believe characters" such as Santa, the Easter bunny and Awesome Mother In laws.

#12 SNOFALLERRATIONS by Fine, How Are You?: Pronounced: SNO-FALL-ER-RATIONS: This is when someone exaggerates about the amount of snow that fell AT their house, ON their street. I love when you have driven an hour and 20 minutes in a BLIZZARD and the person at work (where there is about 3 inches of snow on the ground)who lives 5 minutes away says "You can't believe how much snow we have- it's weird it's just on MY street too".

#13 ALIONSES by Life by Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's Blog: simply put: n. pl. the secret identities (there's more than one, just to be safe) of the star of the Lion King.

#14 JINNESS by Booyah's Momma: A delicious shake made primarily from Jiff peanut butter and Guinness. The consistency resembles sludge, but boy are they good. Get hammered while drinking your protein!

#15 NOLES (n, plural) by And Then Kate: Backyard pests who don't know how to take "NO!" for an answer.

#16 DERLABLE by The Non-Review: A German's soup spoon. In a sentence: "I vent to make ze soup but I dropped derlable under der table."

#17 COMISILI (noun) by Big Teeth and Clouds: a store that sells ridiculous, maybe even silly, items.  Do you like my new rubber chicken? I got it at the comisili.

#18 FULANAMON (nouns) by HulaBuns: a man, like with the franks and beans and all even though he can totally pull off dressing/looking like a woman.  Used in a sentence: What! Rue Paul is fulanamon, didn't you know?

#19 SESSANN by Taming Insanity: a type of loveseat made popular during the American Revolution. The style was stolen from a French designer, hence the name and pronunciation: sess-On. Amongst the colonists there were many jokes about getting it on on the sessann.

#20 LINGUS by Mommyshorts: Obviously, we all know that lingus is the second half of the rather racy yet unsexily technical term, _______lingus (Kelley interjection: I'm such a Girl Scout sometimes and like to keep this blog PG-13.  All you smart people know just what Mommyshorts means!  Ha!). It is also used as the second half of Ireland's national airline, Aer Lingus. So, as far as I can tell, there is only one place where a sex act and an Irish airline overlap. Therefore, LINGUS must mean "transporting to a higher place while the people involved are commonly intoxicated".

#21 UTERAREA by Days: Technical term for the general area of stomach flab where the uterus has expanded and contracted and expanded and contracted which no longer looks like it did before pregnancy. Accentuated by "mom jeans." Synonym: Front Butt.

#22 TIONSIS by TV's Take: unwanted growths throughout the body. Tionsis used in a sentence: My friends tionsis used to get in her way when she did the warrior pose during power pilates.

#23 80-ST-NIXED by The Flying Chalupa: When your plans to get all dolled up and attend your husband's fancy schmancy office party in honor of St. Nick...are 86'd.  In a sentence:  Thanks, kid at my son's preschool who gave him pink eye and an ear infection! My dreams of socializing over expensive food and wine and feeling like an honest-to-god member of society have been 80-St-Nixed. For the second year in a row.

#24 DIPLUMBI by SuzRocks: a diplomat who moonlights as a plumber on the side. named for their plumbing work and for being dumb.

#25 SPILED by Fashion Plate: this is how 'spilled' is pronounced in in North Carolina. No offense meant. I live in Minnesota and you know how we pronounce crap right? Oooof da!

**If you missed the game this month, we'll play again on January 12th.  The schedule for the game can be found by clicking the Captcha Balderdash tab in the navigation bar at the top.**