Once a month we play Captcha Balderdash in the Break Room and that time has come around again!   If you would like to see some of the games we have played in the past, go up and click "Captcha Balderdash" in the lower navigation bar up at the top.  I have turned ON "Captcha" or the Word Verification feature (but I promise I will turn it off once this is over) so that it is all ready for the game.

Here's how to play:
#1 Go down to the "Post a comment section" and type in random symbols, like sdf or 2390 or s90skdfjalsjdf. You can't go wrong. Just follow your heart.

#2 Select who you are from the drop down menu. If you want to leave a comment anonymously (or don't have an account set up), click "anonymous".

#3 Click "post a comment", type in your nonsense "CAPTCHA" word into your comment box and make up a definition for it OR use it in a sentence (or both). Submit that mess.

On Friday, December 10th, I will list all of the definitions, the authors of them and a link to your blog/website, if applicable.  On Friday, I would love for all you to vote for your FAVORITE definition from that list.  That person will get a big shout-out in a following post.  Depending on the number of definitions I receive, I may categorize the definitions somehow.  "We'll see..."
I ALWAYS heard that expression "we'll see" growing up.  It meant "I don't know and I'm not going to know until seconds before I feel like making a decision, so shut your yapping mouth about it".  Ahhh!!  I DID NOT LIKE hearing "we'll see" but it was better than a straight out "no", though I knew it probably meant "no" before than "yes" in the end.
         Can I have two turns??

#1 BESSEAT: The most desirable place to seat in any location.  If it's in the car, it's the passenger side.   Everyone knows it is better to be driven than to drive, if the driver isn't a nincompoop and has any kind of sense.  This gives you time to sing and sway to your favorite songs better, time to read your magazines, time to check e-mail on your iPhone, etc.  Obviously, if your kids are in the car, THAT'S ALL OUT THE WINDOW.  If it's at home, it's on the toilet.  Even if you are sitting on the top of the toilet with the lid closed, you are alone in your own space for at least 3 solid minutes of quiet bliss if you can time your escape just right. 

Lil' Troy's makin' money the "fly way"

#2 ROILBALA: According to the Urban Dictionary, a "baller" is a thug who has "made it".  If you have ever wanted to attend the Thuggish Ruggish Ball, you probably are familiar with the song "I want to be a baller" by Lil' Troy.  I suspect that a baller who has REALLY made it could possibly be called a REAL BALLER.  If a thug who has REALLY made it happens to be a topic of conversation in New York by New Yorkers with a thick accent, that thug could be referred to guessed it...a ROILBALA.