Captcha #4 Balderdash Wrap-Up

Maybe one of these days I will get tired of Captcha Balderdash, but today is not that day.  I smiled each and every time I read your definitions below.  On Monday, when the post went up starting the game (click here to go there), I was smiling all day to the point that it was becoming kind of creepy (not Gilly creepy, however).  I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face no matter what I tried, which included S.O.S. pads, tons of Noxema, my husband's power washer...  Nothing worked.  It was hard to eat like that, too, smiling all the, I actually lost a little weight.  My chair thanks you. 

To everyone who played Captcha Balderdash #4 with me, you have a special place at our Thanksgiving table this year!  I INSIST that you join us for some wiggly cranberry sauce so that I can personally thank you for making my day and making me smile.  As always, I loved all of the definitions.  I know you will want to click on the highlighted blog names below and check out the authors of these 29 witty and fun Captcha word sentences/definitions! 

In the order received...

#1 CONSNOB by Melissa from "In the Short Rows": A con-man or con-woman who has very high standards and often turns his/her nose up at those who they consider to be lesser con-people.

#2 HOSYSUIT by Heidi (I'm looking for you, Heidi!  Do you have a blog?):   An outfit that you might think is appropriate for work, but is really not. Your friends will think to themselves: There she go again, wearing that hosysuit. She don't work the corner, but she shore looks it.

#3 CLOMENT by Roxane at "Days": a "cloment" is the period of time which is only a few seconds in duration when your house is clean and you stand in perfect splendor admiring your work before it is ruined by children un-cleaning it.
"OMG Melva! I was havin a cloment, but it didn't last too long 'cause li'l bubba scooted on in and drug horse poo from his boots with him all over mah clean floor!"
#4 DUNSIDY by Kristen at "Fine, how are you?"- This is when you are using a word/phrase that is OVERUSED, Inappropriate, used in the wrong way, offensive,not classy, and can be applied to acronyms as well, but somehow it just keeps coming out of our mouths. Used in a sentence: I really wish my hubby who has called me a MILF for the 100th time, thinking it will turn me on, would realize he has committed a dunsidy.

Other forms of dunsidy's: retard (can't stand when people say this - most offensive, but everyone still does it from time to time -mostly kids) WAHM, SAHM, Redneck, GET ER DUN, sexting, I'm sure you can think of a few more!
#5 INUTM by Alex J. Cavanaugh with "Alex J. Cavanaugh" : I think that one speaks for itself!!

#6 REPULAE by RawknobynsGoneBlogWild with "Life by Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's blog": a slimy, brainless invertebrate that, if granted voting privileges, would lean towards the GOP.

#7 LUATTA by Shantel with "It's Just Jewelry by Shantel":  Luatta give me a minute to check it out!

#8 SUMNI by Joy (high school/FB friend): "Maynard, did you hear about that big SUNMI that just hit China??? I hear them people dang near got warshed away!" ....Yes, I know I said

#9 OPHANTS, PROPCO & MOLFISMA by Joy (I posted some of these words on FB and personal friends of mine made up some funny sentences, like this one!) - Your honor..I understand that this is my client's second ophants regarding the first crime in question. But I beg you not to get caught up in the propco. He's just a young guy showing off his molfisma.

#10 LIFFERA by Bryan (high school/FB friend!)- Girl did you hear Tyerell got LIFFERA in prison for murder? LOL

#11 TWASNTMIE by Tiffany M. (Hey Tiffany!  Do you have a blog?) "Usually invisible, knome-like creature that hops from home to home making messes. You will know that they have visited after asking your kids, "Who made this mess?" Answer: Twasntmie

#12 FINABALA by Tanya with "Ignite Your..." : Okay, my mother used to say this when I was a kid- "Oh finabala, I can't get this T.V to work!"

#13 MEEP by Tanya above: Oh my meep what was that?

#14 HOUSHOT by Fabuleslie with "Give Me Paws" : Oh, MAN! You should have seen that guy and his houshot! He is uh-MAZING at the hoops, and when he jumped up like that? Houshot in da house!!!

Ha! When I tried to submit this one, I got another word that I couldn't resist because it goes so well with my week last week...  OW. My throat is sorrh! I guess that's what happens when you get strep throat. It's not just sore. It's sorrh!

#15 MANYMBLE by Andy with "Blythe Observations": a word for a lively & spry mother

#16 CANSTAI by Beau (high school/FB friend): the ugly chick has to go but you canstai.

#17 SEDPER by Tiffany M. (a dear friend!): verb. The dance steps necessary to navigate through a floor strewn with tiny toys. "She had to sedper through the legos to get to his bed to kiss him goodnight".

#18 WAYSIOUT by Laurenne with "Humans Are Funny" : A synonym for exit in certain fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland. If you look closely, you will see a neon sign when Alice is underground. It reads 'Waysiout.'

#19 SUBSCISE by Vicki with "Glitter Frog" - the workout your arm gets moving your sandwich from the table to your mouth at Subway.

#20 SHILLY by Butter with "Blogging Butter": a word used to describe a woman in the future.
"Kasci skinny as a skeleton but da way she atin' them wangs, shilly big as an elephant when she get old!"
#21 CODGERDOVEKILL by Cheeseboy with "The Blog O' Cheese": When a confused old person mistakenly strangles a backyard bird in attempts to send their first tweet.

#22 DRISANN by Deborah with "Fashion Plate: Hunger for Style":  Here's one for you songsters . . . Drisann rings like a bell in the night and would you love to love her.

#23  Copyboy made up his own word:  IMAMORON. "Yeah, try as I might I don't get this game." Ha!! 

#24 WONKY by Jackee with "Winded Words": sounds just like it means. :) Love that!

#25 UNDSIT by Missy with "Wonder Friend": This is one of those snazzy, new hybrid words, like Brangelina or Beniffer. Undsit, however, does not refer to people.

It refers to pants. Underpants, to be specific.

An Undsit can be used to describe any number of desperate undergarment situations, such as, but not limited to: VPL, wedgies, or granny panties on a hot date.
Example: Her outfit was amazing, until she turned around. There was a major undsit going on back there.
#26 WEENIS by Michelle Faith of "Blissful Babble": when little boys are still to little to have the "p" word (Michelle said the "real" word that makes me blush), but too old to have a wee-wee.
"Go to you room and play with that boy, no one wants to see your Weenis!"
#27 GGIAZO by Monkey Man with "Monkey Man" said... GiGi's alter ego was evil, so she was referred to as ggiazo.
"That GiGi can be a real -itch sometimes. A regular GGiazo."
Sorry it was the best I could do with a lame Verification Word.

#28 SCETOLI by Han (high school/FB friend):  I couldn't decide between spaghetti and ravioli, so I brought some SCETOLI!! Hope y'all like it!!

#29 COMMWHENTOX by "The Flying Chalupa":  She got a CWI last night. Her first Commenting While Intoxicated, so I think the charges might be dropped - but her Sentence-Logic-Level tested positive for A-hole.

Do you have a favorite?  Tell me, tell me!

So glad all you hilarious people played!  Let's meet here next month- same time, same place.