10 Funny Stories About Falling Down

It's funny when people fall. Well, only if they don't hurt themselves. I don't laugh if someone falls and impales themselves on a Barbie arm sticking straight up in the air or something like that. I don't want anyone breaking their arms or legs or hips or kneecaps. I don't think that is funny. I also think a fall is less funny the older you get. I won't crack up if you tell me your grandmother fell down in her kitchen. That's not a funny fall.

I am just talking about your good ol' run-of-the-mill fall.

I have had a lot of them.

My most memorable fall was when I was running out of a haunted house in high school and tripped on someone just as I was exiting. I splayed out everywhere for all to see. I have to admit that I am sometimes an angry faller. My friend was laughing so hard at me that she could barely talk. When she managed to get out, "Are you okay?" I snapped back that I wasn't because I didn't love swimming in concrete. Funny thing is, all these years later, I still don't love swimming in concrete.

I don't wish an embarrassing fall on anyone. If my sons came back home and told me they fell in front of the whole school, I would feel bad for them because I know how humiliating that can be. I've fallen down school steps before. I would feel bad for them just like I felt bad for the lady who fell down in the Crate & Barrel parking lot when a big gust of wind flew by. She popped her little self right back up and kept walking.

But, it was sort of funny.

Thankfully, the likers of my Facebook page have had a lot of funny falling moments. They shared a bunch with me. I smiled and laughed with each one I read. Here is a collection of ten of them.

#1 The Pothole Fall (by Mollie): My friend and I were walking in downtown Houston during our lunch break and I was going on and on. Next thing I realized, she was face-down on the sidewalk. Apparently, she fell in a pot hole. I knew I should help her, but I couldn't stop laughing!

#2 The Overturned Turtle Fall (by Michelle of Mommy Back Talk): After reading all these funny falling stories, I realized I have another one. I had just moved to the Chicagoland area from North Carolina, and unlike Game of Thrones, winter came early. It was late November and there was already snow on the ground and ice everywhere. When I got home from work, I stepped out of my car and put on my backpack, which had my work laptop in it. So far so good. I walked down to the end of the driveway to get the mail. What I thought was a wet spot (still in an NC mindset) was actually black ice. I stepped on it and my feet went out from under me and I fell flat on my back. My backpack broke my fall and kept me from cracking my head on the asphalt. I laid there like an overturned turtle for a few seconds before realizing that I was laying on my work laptop. I got up and went inside to survey the damage. Miracle of miracles, my laptop was fine. After all this excitement I realized I never got the mail.

#3 The Slacks Fall (by Amy): I was wearing slacks with cuffs at the bottom and four inch heels. I tried to take a step and my heel got caught in the opposite pant leg. I face planted in a crowd of people. You're welcome.

#5 The Runaway Grocery Cart Fall (by Wendy): I fell chasing a runaway grocery cart...and broke my shoulder. I wound up having surgery and a metal plate and pins put in. It is okay to laugh because it is stupid funny!

#6 The Head Nod Fall (by Kirsten):  That moment when your walking your child home, head nod to someone in a passing car but realize you don't really know them so you try to pretend you were just doing a dance move & trip on the cracked sidewalk.
True story...

#7 The High School Diploma Fall (by Kimberly): Tripped and fell down the stairs after receiving my high school diploma. Just add it to my list of embarrassing things that happened in high school.

There were a bunch of really funny ones in that thread! You can see them here. Do you have one to add? Come tell us about it on Facebook!