The Must-Have-When-I'm-Sick List Survey Results

When my kids weren't feeling well recently, I started thinking about what I always wanted my mom to bring to me when I was sick and stayed home a day or two from school. I always thought the list was pretty short when it came to what we eat or drink when we don't feel well. In my mind, there were only 4 things on the list:

  • Jello
  • Saltines
  • Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup
  • 7Up

Like I often do, I went to the Kelley's Break Room's Facebook page and asked people there what they wanted to have when they weren't feeling well. Reading through the list both inspired me and made me laugh, so I, of course, had to share on my blog! I have actually tried a few of these since that day.

Normal stuff:
·         Beef broth (I’ve never eaten that plain)
·         Matzo ball soup
·         Egg drop soup
·         Wonton soup
·         Hot and sour soup (The Chinese restaurants were kicking serious tail in the sick food department.)
·         Campbell’s chicken noodle soup (this was the only brand name mentioned)
·         Jello (only ONE person said jello!)
·         Ramen noodle soup
·         Saltines

“Huh? You eat that when you’re sick? I might try that” stuff:
·         Cinnamon toast
·         Cheese toast
·         English muffin with peanut butter & jelly
·         Mashed potatoes
·         Cheerios
·         Grilled cheese
·         Cheese toast (no Velveeta!)
·         Banana popsicles
·         Malt-O-Meal
·         Scrambled eggs
·         “Raspberry lollies” (Is that short for lollipops?)

“You really don’t eat that when you are sick, right?” stuff:

·         Pork fried rice
·         Pepperoni pizza
·         Whataburger
·         Anything from Chili’s
·         Mexican food (only when she has a cold)
·         Chipotle (when her sinuses are bad)
·         Red Vines and Swedish Fish
·         Oreos
·         Macaroni and cheese

The Must-Have Drinks:

·         Hot tea (we only drink the iced kind 'round here)
·         Ginger Ale (Lots mentioned this one, but Julia INSISTED it must be Canada Dry)
·         Vernor’s (the heck is Vernor’s?) ßactually, someone told me. It’s ginger ale.
·         Coke (Amen!)
·         YELLOW Gatorade
·         Orange soda
·         Sprite
·         Orange juice and ice blended in a blender (My friend Gail’s late mom used to make this for her when she was sick. I made it for my sons this week in her honor!)

One person got very specific and said that for migraines she must have McDonald’s French fries, McDonald’s Coke and a Red Bull.
One has a daughter that insists on watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
Many said they just wanted their moms, which I loved. A cool rag on my head, even when I didn't necessarily need it, was more powerful than Tylenol. 

If you haven't already chimed in, what do YOU want?