Finding the Funny #33: Babies Probably Hate It When You Sing To Them In Your Mr. T Voice (and other observations)

I ain't really got nuttin' fer ya.

You see, it's "Finding the Funny" day, so I like to pop up in the blogosphere on Wednesdays to be a part of that mess. I usually try to think of something creative to put in this spot above "Finding the Funny", but, you see, my mind is full.

My mind is full of pictures of houses, prices of houses, square feet of houses, whether or not said house has a detached garage, whether or not the seller of the house has a clean shower, whether or not said house includes this, that and 'tother. We have been looking and looking for a house. We have come so very, very close to getting some, but it seems every house we like, someone else likes it  and gets it before we do.

Little farts.

I want a house already.

So, as I sit here trying to be creative all I can think about is the house and, well, how...

-the other day my 4-year-old came up to me very early the other morning and said, "Bubba thinks you look like a witch when you wake up, but I told him you didn't."
-my kids think they can get a new toy every place we go to because most of theirs are packed up. Even the haircut place has toys for kids, which is taking it a hair too far. (A HAIR! TOO FAR!)
-a particular house we liked (but didn't get) had a house across the street from it that was recently busted for growing pot in every square inch of the entire place
-it would have been the first time I knocked on the pot grower neighbor's house to borrow sugar  
-much of a bummer it will be when my kids aren't impressed with the ol' "Go pick one toy and it can be ANY to you want in the whole place" when we go to the dollar store
-awesome it was that I had my SITS day yesterday and saw names in here that I never, ever, ever have seen before in my whole entire life
-babies probably hate it when you sing lullabies to them in your Mr. T voice 
-the fruit farmers need to tone it down a notch on their fruit breeding:
An aprium? A PLUMCOT?! I tell you what, if I hear of an apnana, I'm gonna make a scene right in the produce aisle! *I'll show them a flavor grenade, if you know what I mean, and I know you don't because that sentence made no sense but I decided to keep it in there because it made me sound edgy and don't you hate run-on sentences like this one?

That's all I got.
Meeting adjourned.
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