My favorite conversation ever happened this weekend

Not my son's team.

(and the only one)

SETTING: The bleachers at my 7-year-old son's baseball game this weekend
ACTORS: Another mom of a child on the baseball team and me

Me: Your sons are so cute. How many boys do you have?

Her: I have four.

Me: Wow! Four boys! I have two and they're quite a handful.

Her: Oh, they can be, too. They're older now, so they entertain themselves mostly.

Me: That must be nice.

Her: Yeah.

Me: How long has Derrick been playing baseball?

Her: Which Derrick?

Me: Your son, Derrick. The one on this baseball team? The one that got that awesome hit last night!

Her: Oh! That Derrick. My husband's name is Derrick, too...

Me:  Oh, okay. I see why that'd be confusing. He's named after his dad. Yeah, I meant the little Derrick, I guess.

Her: ...and all of my other sons' names are named Derrick.

Me: They're all named Derrick?

Her: Yeah.

Me: Do you--

Her: Sorry. Hold on a minute. DERRICK!!! STOP THAT!!!! Okay, what were you saying?

Me: All five of them are named Derrick? Do they all have different middle names or something? That's kind of cute. It's a little bonding thing they've got going on.

Her: Hold on. DERRICK, I SAID QUIT THAT!! Yeah, sorry about that. No, they have the same middle name, too. Their dad and all four boys have the same first name and the same middle name.

Me: [Tries to stifle a giggle, hide surprise and not immediately ask questions regarding how she separates school/medical/dental records all at the same time] Ohhhhh, okay.

Her: Yeah, they're Derrick 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


(To each their own, right?)


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