Someone stole my blog from me

Somewhere deep in the shadows of the internet crouched a person waiting, patiently waiting, for me to release the domain name.  Perhaps they walked away once or twice for a bathroom break in the span of a year, or maybe they just wore really, really absorbent adult diapers as they lurked in that corner.  Maybe they had a cell phone and called pizza in a time or two until, finally...they were free to walk into the sunlight because the domain name was finally his.  Or hers.  They galloped out into the streets whoopin' and hollerin' things like...

ALL MINE!!!!  I will take the blog name she spent so much time thinking
about and take this Break Room radio while I'm at it, too.  In a second,
I will go back and empty her entire vending machine of Coca-Cola products!
Maybe I'll even take her orange chair! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Meanwhile, I continued on with my life of taking clothes out of the dryer, telling my 3-year-old son not to cover every inch of the piano in Endust, watching "I Survived", tweeting, contemplating a SECOND Weight Watchers ice cream bar (they're the size of a newborn ant) and listening to my 7-year-old's awesome stories while completely unaware that my domain had been snatched from me.  Just taken away deep in the  night while I contemplated, yes, even a third Weight Watchers ice cream bar (which, as I just told you, is about the size of a newborn ant).

You see, it's my fault.  It's all my fault.  Typically, things are my fault, so there is no surprise here.  A little over a year ago, I paid money to host this site.  I don't get all the techno lingo, but, basically, you have to pay for domain names.  I didn't want as my main website name, so I paid some money to and it was then called  WELL, I was to renew it after the year went by.  I had seen multiple e-mails that said there was an automatic renewal.  I thought GoDaddy had my back, so I just let it go.  GoDaddy DID have my back, as it turns out, and kept sending me e-mails to tell me that my credit card had been rejected. 

I guess I missed those e-mails.

My credit card had been rejected because my expiration date had changed, not because I had received an entirely new number.  So, just like that, my much adored was swept away and now belongs to another.  I wonder....will she laugh at all of that Kelley's jokes?  Will she be BFF's with this new Kelley now??  And, who is this Kelley, anyway??  Is Kelley his or her last name?  Will the new be in reference to a physical break room, like a pool hall or something or will it also be a blog? 

OR...did someone just take my domain name away from me in hopes that I'd pay a high cost to retrieve it back??  I doubt it.  They probably realize I don't have the money to pay them for something like that since some of my favorite sweaters are from Target.

Still, I can't wait to find out what this new is all about, if anything.  If I don't like it's new home, if it in fact becomes a home and not a place where a greedy person is squatting, I may be tempted to drive over there and karate chop someone right in the kneecap.

If this is the lady that stole away with my domain name, well, I can't really
see myself kicking her in the kneecap.  I may just take her towel.

SO, please note that I changed the web address of THIS blog to, which corresponds to my Twitter handle @kelleysbreakrm.  So, now the blog can be accessed two ways: 1) or 2)
I'm hoping that you readers are still out there and haven't fallen down the black hole with that old blog name.  If no one finds this blog post, I will assume I have been lost in Internet Never Neverland forever, in which case I will just have to take a permanent break in my break room.  I will drink up every last Coke and just sprawl out in that orange chair up there on the right like a nincompoop. When someone passes my the doorway, I'll yell out, "THIS USED TO BE A BLOG, DAGNABBIT!" but they'll keep walking.  They'll actually pick up their pace and start running really, really fast.

Maybe this little mishap is a sign that I should fall of the face of the blogging earth and spend my time doing other things, like finally cleaning out my laundry room?  And having a fifth Weight Watchers ice cream snack?  (They're only the size of a newborn ant, remember?)

Thanks to the very nice and hard-working Jeff O. over at GoDaddy for ALL of his assistance in helping me fix this situation I got myself into...