Do you have a friend that you love?

Friends You LoveMy friend, Kristin, from Only Parent Chronicles joined some other bloggers in creating the website, Friends You Love.  During Mondays in October, they are encouraging you to ask someone that follows your blog to guest post for you about friendship and then link that post up with the others on the Friends You Love site.  It can be a new friend that means a lot to you or an old friend you have had forever!  In addition to the Monday blog hop I just described, they are also hosting a contest for the person that writes the best "Why I have the World's Greatest BFF!" post.  So, if you want to give your BFF a shout-out, write the post and link up with their contest HERE.  Entries are accepted from now until October 22nd.  Today, Kristin is featuring my post over at the Friends You Love site that describes the world's greatest BFF- mine!  I have known her since the 4th grade and share some stories that I hope will make you smile!  I would love to see your face over there!
Click HERE to read about how I was accused of making a sweater smell like hyena's breath and other facts about my friendship with my BFF.