Captcha Balderdash #7: Get Your Wit On!

I do not mean to be blowing up the blogosphere with repeated posts this week.  I'm sort of a three-posts-a-week-or-less type of girl.  This is my third post in three days.  Here's the deal: according to my handy "Captcha Balderdash" tab in the above navigation bar, today is game day.  I said a month ago that January 12th, the 2nd Wednesday of the month, would be the next time we played Captcha Balderdash here in the Break Room.  I know no one gives a flyin' flip that I wrote that up there, but since I wrote it...I'm going with it.  After this month, I will probably kick the game to the curb for a while...

Before we get down to it, I want to thank Israel Carrasco with Israel Carrasco Monologue Jokes for the award he gave to me this week.  He said I was the third person he has given "The IZ Award For Originality" to since he created it three hours ago.  No, just kidding.  I don't know when he created it.  It doesn't matter.  He said it was a big deal, so, by golly gash darn, I'm going to believe him.  I truly am honored to receive it and appreciate the gesture!  I cannot tell you how many high kicks I do in the frozen foods aisle at my local grocery store when I think about the fact that funny men AND women read this blog.  (For some reason, this thought does not cross my mind when shopping for deodorant, staples, paper plates or a ridiculous supply of tartar sauce.  It only happens by the frozen waffles.)  If you haven't visited Israel's blog before, you MUST!  He has such witty observations and fun videos to share, including one yesterday of his nephew, Armando.  He is also selling the VHS tape of "Minimum Maintenance Fitness For Men" by Mr. Orenthal James Simpson.  You know you want it.  Lastly, he recently joined Twitter (@israelcarrasco).  You won't regret becoming one of his tweeps!

Now, on to the game...


#1 Go down to the "Post a comment section" and type in random symbols.

#2 Select who you are from the drop down menu. If you want to leave a comment anonymously (or don't have an account set up), click "anonymous".

#3 Click "post a comment", type in your nonsense "CAPTCHA" word that you will immediately get once clicking "post a comment" into your comment box and make up a definition for it OR use it in a sentence (or both).
#4 Submit that mess.

TYPORYOT: When people get fed up with another's refusal to use spell check or to proofread their work, they may begin a TYPORYOT.  This aggressive display of anger may include use of paintball guns full of White-Out or pelting of stubborn heads with large erasers.  It is an ugly scene.

I will link all of the submitted definitions back to your blogs, if applicable, on Friday the 14th, when I will ask you to vote for your favorites.  Please keep your definitions PG-13ish, homies.