10 Signs Your Kids "Know" About Santa

I really, really hope this post did not appear in your Facebook screen while your child had your phone in his or her hands or while they were peering over your shoulder because I would feel TERRIBLE if I ruined it all. I am ALL ABOUT the magic of Christmas. While I love celebrating the meaning of Christmas by reading stories about Mary, Joseph and Jesus to the boys, I also love the fun that surrounds Santa Claus. Last night on the Kelley's Break Room Facebook page, I asked people when their moment of clarity happened. For all of us, the timing is different. I know I rode it out for as long as possible. "I ain't gettin' off that Santa train!" I probably said to myself circa 1984. This really wasn't too hard to do since my sister was four years younger than me and I was more immature anyway. I feel like the younger sibling gets cheated out of a long Santa experience. Poor younger sibling... Maybe they should have worked harder to have been born first.

If you have children, you may be wondering if he or she has caught on yet. Here are some signs that they have:

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And have a Merry Christmas!!